Dangerous for ostriches and chickens,

e.g., all who be afraid of free speech:

Let's pretend we live in a police state.

I.e., no democratic republic anymore.

In that kind of circumstance, the ones

who survive and prosper learn how to

read between the lines; to be famili-ar

with the letter & spirit of all laws. See

the clues that follow as a way out and

up, to the extent that you can grok what

we call "Familycology/Fam C.O.R.D."



Does God Bless America And Her

Families Who Bless Themselves?

Surely depends on the meaning of God and family, yes?


That said, taking God and family to mean whatever you like: this

be for fans of All In The Family and/or Last Man Standing...

Familycology = ALT-Rites*

for Common Sense Rights**

*By "Alt-Rites" we mean Americans again treating our families as

sacred unions, who regularly congregate around our kitchen tables.

**By "Rights" we include revering the Constitution's Bill of Rights.


FamCol be a peaceful strategy for Constitution-loving

U.S. patriots, who seek to thoughtfully set things right

again for our families, including all of our posterities.

The outcome being Fam C.O.R.D. Common Sense.



FAMILYCOLOGY's bottomline:

When Our Families Be Closely-Knit,

Our Dwellings Become Castles. And

We Leave The World A Better Place.

.                                                                                                                               ______________________________________________________________________________________________


Be it for you? A Few Familycology/Fam C.O.R.D. Questions:

Old saying: The family that prays together stays together. New saying:

Families that be as one together in their homes come together as a force.

That be, of course, a two-edged sword, a path to good or evil deeds, yes?


The May 22, 2017 suicide bombing in Manchester England at an Ariana Grande

concert was a terrible event. Here is an interesting profile of her by someone who

is not a fan. Does that profile of Ariana and her young fans (made months before

the heinous attack) raise this "lewd is offensive to righteous people" possibility:

Ariana's on-stage behavior and lyrics, and her popularity with young fans,

may have contributed to why her concert was selected by those who

think it is long over-due for the West to be more old-fashioned?


So at the risk of offending all who be passionate about important issues

(e.g., thinking we know everything about Seth Rich's "colleague" KDC),

have we been conditioned by schooling and media to put too much trust

in strangers? And discouraged from putting our trust, and much of our

time and effort, in our families? The 1% raise themselves up & apart. By

making their families sacred, they have gotten to own us. Be our families

any less sacred? Do our families not deserve to be as free and prosperous?


If more U.S. families were self-loving family dynasties -- not just the 1%,

could we citizens not resurrect a blessed free national "common wealth"?

Every home a sacred castle.
Each family a "congregation".
Nothing prevents that except for
self-sabotaging couch-potato inertia.
All the culture wars against Constitutional rights lose their standing when
nationalist vs. globalist issues don't distract families from being wholy one.
Found all over the Internet, as well as on this Start A Church-In-Reverse web site,
many see these "prophetic" words of Zbigniew Brzezinski, former Secretary-of-
State, as being potentially unpatriotic...  "The nation state as a fundamental
unit of man's organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force:
International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning
in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state." 1971.
Years later, do his hopes for a corporate-owned Congress even matter? They do
to everyone worried about today's ever-increasing political correctness. All that
now puts too many of our famili-ar liberties at huge risk, per this 1980 warning.

"Paul Ramsey, professor of religion of Princeton University
and one of the nation's leading scholars in the field of ethics,
similarly argues that marriage and the family have been subjected
to the "relentless forces of an insistent atomistic individualism."*
Why Use Familycology Alt-Rites To Defend All Our Freedoms?

Very few patriots at the time of Prof. Ramsey's, The State Is No Substitute
(*a Christian Science Monitor call-to-arms) thought his words worth much
concern. But to make our beloved country great again, into the breach, yes?
I.e., in these 1984 meets Brave New World days, when "Enough is enough",
there needs be simple ways for us fight back, as both political parties surely
be only doing good for their leaders & their 1% owners. One way be FamCol.
But there be a cooler way, one being suppressed by all the mainstream media!
The above be why we hope that our Fam C.O.R.D. proposal for making families
bulwarks against oppression can at least be common sense to activist "omnists"
on social media as well as in many homes. All of us very much deserve to voice
our own diverse personal views. Note: Omnists believe that there can be some
truth to be found on all sides of even the most heated debates; however no one
religion or social or political movement wholly owns all the truth. Non-omnists
pick sides the way us fans pick favorite sports teams. With millions of fighters
for freedom-of-speech sharing the belief all sides share a right to be heard, the
days of political divide and distract in order to conquer finally may be ebbing.
When blue & red Cool-Aid drinkers see the light, it suddenly dawns on them 
that taking sides undermines well-being instead of unifying us against tyranny.



Familycology is all about old-time spirituality:

self-blessed family assemblies religiously living

their own joys of family- caring and sharing.

Note FamCol ideas for moms and/or dads leading

their families as assemblies are totally different than

government monitored and dictated "well-being"!



Seen in families, and also outside of them,

Fam C.O.R.D. tends not to become in-bred.

What more loving way to address even this,

love being in all heaven-on-earth religions.

Plus, also in omnist families that have none!





Familycology Is About DIY "Family Riting". Ours is a call

for a Church-in-Reverse, any way you may want to define it.

We suggest that you reconsider religiosity in ways that back

families off from anti-progress so that politics avoids regress.


All of these not your usual spirituality, Mobius Strip possibilities are liberally

given, but not to be illiberally taken. They just seek to re-turn family worship

inside-out, to the origin of "church". Even heresy ways of maximizing family

cohesiveness are freely available to us, yes? Indeed, what miracles can pop up

when non-regressive liberty-loving families, returning to values of wholeness,

oneness & unity, moderately say "NO!" to folding to globalism's Mammon?


Who knows? Certainly not us. Yet is that not a great reason for more & more

All Rightsists today to on our own explore how doing what's right begets what

is ours via creative practices of family-as-church activism? Imagine your

family regularly setting yourselves apart and together at home. Surely, that is

as easy as first falling off of a log and last establishing a family tree. Please

note FamCol is not a tax-dodge3 3a . Nor is it a conspiracy4. But there be

nothing at all tabu about sacred families bending familiar rules, and by doing

so having a few of the generational benefits commanded by the uber-rich5.


.Some examples of omnistic responses engendered by this famcol site:

"Is any God's Honest truth to be found in the 1847 book,
Thoughts On Family Worship, by James W. Alexander?
I suppose it depends on what someone means by 'God'?"

This heart-warming feedback is from a once bitter old man,
now no longer bitterly estranged from his loving family
"I used to think that the sappy idea of happy families was

just blowing bubbles in the septic tank of sentiment!"

This more critical feedback is from a new mother, "Para-
phrasing the Bible: 'For what profits a mom, dad or child
if they ignore what can be most harmful to their family?'
Rest of site TMI for me. However at least you mean well."

And this one from an agnostic who got here by first reading
what he calls our "Beware of unanswered prayers" page 1a:
"I found your words more disturbing than uplifting. And yet."

Urban Omnist offered a video of one of his omnist "truths":
a God Spectrum to him and to us a "family" of religions. And
you? It likely depends on your own personal view of religion.




Some ways to fill today's family-non-oasis

spiritual void by jumping into the breach...

And, FWIW, Store&SCORE Hampers.