Welcome to Familycology.org.

Official "Fam C.O.R.D." site for

soliciting omnist "family ecology"

methods of -- practical -- spirituality:

self-blessed family assemblies religious-

ly living the joys of caring and sharing.

Within families & also outside of them;

as seen in all heaven-on-earth religions,

as well as omnist families that have none.




Your help is requested per a book we are writing. It is

entitled, How To Start An Omnism Church-in-Reverse?

Mobius-like familycology turns the notion of "church"

inside-out & outside in, with circular economy returns.

Among its many family ecology & posterity possibilities,

it reminds us of what happens when progressive AND

libertarian families who return to ways of "wholeness",

"oneness" & 'unity", say "No!" to leaders now serving

Mammon. Explore how doing good begets what's yours

through creative practices of family-as-church activism.

Note: This is NOT a tax-dodge nor some other gimmick.



For example:


To help restore many at risk family ecologies, we are

looking for family-friendly ideas resonant with these

Center For Ecoliteracy principles of Fritjof Capra &

other sustainability leaders of Schumacher College:

We need to change our relationship to nature and the

basis of how we study science, economics, business and,

psychology in order to develop a systemic understanding of

how to address current ecological and social challenges.


So please email suggestions per how family members

of yours might become active agents of a social ecology;

roles few families in today's "99%" care enough about.

E.g., what kind of corrective political, economic, social,

-- and spiritual activities -- would YOU suggest for family-

cologists concerned with all our ecologies and posterities?

We don't have be a Sanders or a Trump to make waves!



All creative ideas are greatly welcome, even ones as deep or

extreme as this goodie from the author of Care Of The Soul.

But especially wanted are down to earth, closer to home

ideas about the only ecology all of us start out relying on:


On 12/19/13, we were listening to Back Story Radio,

NPR's very cool program about history. The latest one

was about how -- beginning around the early 1800's --

first religious and then commercial interests, took turns

evolving the celebration and the meaning of Christmas.

At the end of this radio broadcast, the show's history profs

spoke with Tyrone Jones, a black Santa from Philadelphia

When asked what his mall's children hope for Christmas, he

said lots of them want mommy and daddy back together again.


Thus, again, our own DIY Fam C.O.R.D.

idea for preventing that kind of misery...


More happy families via familycology practices.

Maybe by following this "Fathering With Intentionality:

The Importance of Creating a Family Culture" advice?

Or maybe the way the Catholic Church now suggests its

mothers establish domestic churches? In any case, for all

those wanting to do so, there is no legal obstacle why any

parent, regardless of creed, cannot as easily do the same.

And the more God-awful the world, the more we should.

Especially, as well-being is more than just feeling good!


The foundation of PRACTICAL spirituality is all for One and one for All;

in our case under the intriguing umbrella of something that we like to call

the Family Churches of Omnisc Redemptive Detachment (our name for it)...


"Family Motivation: The glue that holds families together" by Matthew Hick.

* The goal of the Vanier Institute of the Family (beyond the borders of Canada):

Making families as important to the life of society as they are to the lives of individuals.

* Heritage Planning: "Heritage planning is a process that creates a foundation upon

which families can plan for and accomplish what matters most to them today, and for

generations to come. As with traditional financial and estate planning, heritage

planning comes in many shapes and sizes. Just as no two families are exactly

alike, no two heritage plans will look the same, either."




As talk is as cheap as air and water & because so many dreams are all wet,

this is our revolutionary benefit corporations non-corporatism bottom line:

To counter the huge and growing economic, social and political pressures

tearing families apart today -- and, more so, threatening the future, how

about actually now starting to establish your own "family congregation"?

And according to your own rules, not just following someone else's rules!



Still not yet moving from last to first?

More reasons for doing familycology:

"Fam C.O.R.D." families see their whole and one united families
as sacred corner stones of society. In old-time values ways, they
contribute new ideas about living and loving/caring and sharing,
which encourage family members to circumscribe what they do;
so they can be there for loved ones & their larger communities.
(In the way family dynasties are perpetuated by family offices.)
How? Depends on what we do and don't do, familycology-wise.


As said above, family sacredness does not have to be "religious". (E.g.,

this Good Men Project example of awesome dedication to one's family,

inspiring words by Kirsten Tynan, famous jury nullification advocate).

Much like capital and exchanging not religiously depending on money.



Fam C.O.R.D.: Much Stronger And Happier Families,

One Self-Nurturing Family Congregation At A Time.

No famcol membership fees or dogma. Just ideas worth

 thinking about & practices of yours (done on your own).


If you think the time for famcol spirituality has come,

email us your own ideas for it.


 The above has been brought to you

by Yale S.Y. Landsberg and Jackie Landsberg,

co-founders of The Better Tymes Project

& The Better Tymes Project For Women,

developers of TrueTyme. Learn more here.