"3. Family Simplicity: Simplicity means placing the well-being
of one's family ahead of materialism and the acquisition of things.
This expression of green liv­ing puts an emphasis on providing children
with healthy role models living balanced lives that are not distorted by
consumerism. Family simplicity affirms that what matters most in life
is often invisible — the quality and integrity of our relationships with
one another. Family simplicity is also intergenerational — it looks ahead
and seeks to live with restraint so as to leave a healthy Earth for future
generations."  The Center of Ecoliteracy. Visit their Media Room...

All creative ideas are welcome, even ones as deep as this

goodie from a friend, the author of Care Of The Soul.

But even more wanted are down to earth, closer to home

ideas about the only ecology all of us start out relying on:

E.g., on 12/19/13, we were listening to Back Story Radio,

NPR's very cool program about history. The latest one

was about how -- beginning around the early 1800's --

first religious and then commercial interests, took turns

evolving the celebration and the meaning of Christmas.

At the end of that radio broadcast, the show's history profs

spoke with Tyrone Jones, a black Santa from Philadelphia.

When asked what his mall's children hope for Christmas,

lots of them want mommy and daddy back together again.



So in these crazy Don't Get or Stay Married days, just

exactly what is so crazy about seeing families as sacred?



More happy families, maybe by following this...

1) "Fathering With Intentionality: The Importance of

The Importance of Creating a Family Culture" advice?

2) Or maybe the new post-modern way the Catholic Church

now suggests Catholic moms conduct domestic churches?


In any case, for all parents on the cusp of trying family

congregating, there is no reason why any loving parent,

regardless of belief, can't easily begin at one's next meal.

The more God-awful the world, the more we should. Yes?


The Battle For True Love:

Ain Sahkri Lovers 9000 B.C.

Holy Binary Matrimony?


1) Matthew's Hick's, "Family Motivation: The glue that holds families together".* 

2) Binary = Same-Sex Marriage to Canada's The Vanier Institute of the Family.**

 3) The Last Great Stand of the Heritage Foundation***. Or Is It A New Beginning?



As said above, family sacredness does not have to be "religious". E.g.
the Good Men Project example of awesome dedication to one's family,
inspiring words by Kirsten Tynan
*, famous jury nullification advocate.


Fam C.O.R.D.: Stronger And Happier Communities,

One Self-Nurturing Family Congregation At A Time.

No famcol membership fees or dogma. Just ideas worth

thinking about & family-level protesting against evils.

But that takes seeing new things in old ways & vice versa.

  "This situation presents opportunities provided that the opposition

can be forward-thinking and creative* and not stuck fighting

the current battles with the perceptions and tools of the past."




Sticks & Stones,

Words of Wisdom To Live By?



I took a leap and missed.

And fell and hurt myself.

Extremely badly.               But not enough

And because I hurt,                        to stop me. Because

I will not try again.                                            Heaven's gift of

Not even blessed                            __                               Thriving is both

Arriving is worth                      ________________________                                           prize and price

the blood of Striving                                                                   for Living.

Either I accept now utter defeat.            Or once more I decide to try.

Whiners clothe their lowly cowardice with lofty “explanations”;

Winners seek to stand up again. And sometimes learn to fly!

To wit: Sticks & Stones make for Climbing to the Sky.


From the Urn of

Ammonius Saccas* – Hieronomus Anonymous

*Ammonius Saccas is known only because

he had two famous disciples: Plotinus,

founder of Neo-Platonism, the last

Pagan philosophy & Origin, the

early Doctor of a Christian